Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Green People

As some of you may know, I work in an early childhood center. Today, we were decorating cupcakes with frosting and food coloring. Unfortunately, I turned my head for a total of 60 seconds and when I looked back, my entire room, and more disturbingly, all of my kids, were completely covered in blue food coloring (not the easiest thing to get out of clothes...or skin for that matter.) So 30 minutes later, after I and my coworkers attempted to wash down the room, we had seven little beautifully sleeping smurfs under our careful watch and protection. 

Why am I telling you this? Good question. Honestly, I'm not really sure myself because the title of this blog post is GREEN people, not blue. I guess after a long day's work, color differentiation is not one of my strong points. I had originally planned to do this super cool connection between green kids and saving the planet, but I guess for now, blue kids will just have to do. 

So remember how just a day or two ago I was telling you all about what mattered most to me in the business was the personal health and wellness involved, as opposed to that of the earth? Yeah, well, scratch that. As I'm getting more and more trained in the business, I'm becoming more educated in environmental challenges and how our products help eliminate those challenges. Honestly, my ignorance on the matter was probably the cause of my indifference on the subject. I recently learned all about how chemicals and toxins like chlorine bleach, phosphates, and formaldehydes can really poison not only the environment but one's body as well. The products I endorse are completely free of ALL of these toxins. 

If you're wealthy enough to employ a cleaning lady, you may not know this, but in order to give your kitchen or bathroom a good scrub, you need to put on gloves, a facemask, an apron, THE WORKS! That is not the case with my business. The products I use every day can be INGESTED (obviously please don't go feeding your family our dishwashing detergent) and poison control will not be concerned in the slightest (except maybe that your family has an odd sense of appetite.) I think that says a lot about what we stand for. We stand for healthy products that actually WORK! Try going to your local health store and buy the SUPER EXPENSIVE eco-friendly cleaning agents. Sure they might be great for the environment, but do they do anything? I think not. And the select few that might actually make a dent take such a toll on your pocket book, you'll most likely return to the toxic version just to be able to put food on your table! (ok, that may have been an exaggeration. But you know what I mean.)
Ok, so that's my tiny update for the day: I have officially become a tree-hugger. Kind of. I still like my family and friends better than the world. It's a work-in-progress.

All my best,
Nikki :)

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